CMA History and Affiliates

CMA and our Affiliate Organizations


The Columbus Medical Association is one of the most unique medical societies in the United States. Our history dates back more than 100 years as a professional society of physicians. During this time our members have been active in the community and influential in health care issues.  The CMA has long worked to support physicians by advocating on behalf of the patient/doctor relationship and issues that are important to physicians and their practices. CMA also seeks to affect policy that makes sense for our members and the community.  

Outside the Practice Walls
You know your doctors from your office visits but you’ll be proud to know how your physicians are affecting the health of our community.  
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CMA Affiliate Organizations

The Columbus Medical Association Foundation, The Physicians Care Connection (PFC and VCN) and the Central Ohio Trauma System are all the direct result of physicians coming together to further an idea. These are prime examples of how the energy and passion within a community of physicians can create results.

Columbus Medical Association Foundation (CMAF)

Physicians CareConnection (PCC)

Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS)

Physicians Leadership Academy (PLA)