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July 2019

7/29/19 - President's Message

7/19/19 - (Improve Your Practice with MOC Part IV at the CMA; Support Physicians CareConnection and Register for the 5K Fun Run; Let's Connect! Social Media at the CMA)

7/12/19 - Advocacy Update

7/5/2019  (CMA Updates Practice Manager Offerings; Creating Optimism in Advanced Care Planning Conversations; COTS in Columbus Monthly - "We Tried It: Crisis Acting")

June 2019

6/28/2019 (COTS Keeps Columbus Safe at "Red, White and Boom!"; Dine With A Doc: Nutritional Education For Physicians; Dr. Eric Hard Volunteers for the PCC)

6/21/2019 (An Active Week for Advocacy at the CMA; Hospital Incident Command System Training for the Southeast/Southeast Central Ohio Region; Emerging Trends Podcast - Medical Marijuana)

6/14/2019  (Physicians Leadership Academy 2019 Graduation; Physicians CareConnection - Dr. Brett Hollenbach Testimonial; Maternal Mental Health - HCGC Blog)

6/7/2019 (More Than Just a Sign; The Mindful Physician with Dr. Roberto P. Benzo; Real Results, Real Savings - A Message from CMA-Endorsed CareWorks)  

May 2017

5/31/2019  (Abortion Still Legal in Ohio; PCC Executive Director Isi Green Testifies for Clinic Funding at Ohio State Senate; On the Road Again: COTS expands to Southeast/Southeast Central Ohio)

5/24/2019 (COTS Trauma Research Blog; CMA 2019 Gala - Disco Fever!; Dr. Anita Somani's Message to Graduating YAC Members - Don't Peak in High School)

5/17/2019 (New Member Spotlight: Melissa Winterhalter, MD; RSVP Today for Next Wednesday's Practice Manager Luncheon; HCGC Announcement)

President's Message  

5/3/19 ((Creating and Expanding Your World of Containers; A Message to Central Ohio Physicians From City Attorney Zach Klein; Ohio Department of Health (ODH)
Pre- Pandemic Registration Pilot)

April 2019

President's Page

4/26/19 (Applications open for 2019/2020 Physicians Leadership Academy; RHEP Coalition Summit: Common Ground for Disaster Preparedness; Columbus Medical Association Foundation's Donor Reception))

4/12/19 (Physician Wellness and the Public Policy Committee with Dr. Stephanie Costa; Physicians CareConnection Honor their Volunteers; CMA Annual Event is a "Win-Win" for Dr. Anne Taylor)

4/5/19 (CMA Conducts CRASE Active Aggressor Training; Get Up to Get Down! CMA Annual Gala Invitations are in the Mail; Meditation, Skiing, and the Art of Being Present)

March 2019

President's Page

3/29/19 (Physicians CareConnection's Community Diaper Drive 2019; Physicians Leadership Academy Informational Session; Get Your Tickets Today For Disco Fever!)

3/22/19 (Prior Authorization a Hot Topic at Quarterly Practice Manager Luncheon; Youth Advisory Council Approves Three New Grant Requests; Systems and Design Thinking with the Physicians Leadership Academy Alumni)

February 2019

President's Page

2/01/19 (Open house for Dr. Beth Liston takes place at the CMA; President's Message (January); Culinary Medicine for Physicians)

2/15/19 (CMA moves forward with MOC Part IV sponsorship plans; Join us for our upcoming Public Policy/2019 Planning Work Group; PLA Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 course year!)

January 2019

President's Page

1/04/19 (Announcement: MOC Part IV now offered through CMA; Thank you for helping us make a difference in 2018!)

1/11/19 (Dr. Beth Liston Congratulatory Open House; A message from Huntington (CMA Sponsor); Save the Date for CMA's annual social event - Disco Fever!)

1/18/19 (Staff Spotlight: Rebeca Flores demonstrates the power of caring; CMA Advocacy (Quarterly Update); Interested in advocacy?)


December 2018

November 2018

October 2018


Marijuana as Medicine (Podcast) | Emerging Trends in Healthcare 2018

A full-length recording of the Columbus Medical Association (CMA) Emerging Trends in Healthcare 2018 program, titled: Marijuana as Medicine: What Clinicians WanMarijuana as Medicine (Podcast) | Emerging Trends in Healthcare 2018 t to Know About the Science.  Recorded on October 24, 2018. Guest speakers: Jerry Mitchell, MD; Harrison Weed, MD and Gary Wenk, PhD. Click here for presentation slides from Dr. Mitchell; Dr. Weed and Dr. Wenk.

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