A message from CMA President, Dr. Sugat Patel

Acting as President of the Columbus Medical Association is truly an honor that I sincerely value. When I was first introduced to the group, I was not fully aware of the CMA's purpose. However, after learning of the Foundation’s work with the Physicians Care Clinic, the Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus, the Central Ohio Trauma System, the Physician’s Leadership Academy, and the Youth Advisory Council, I became aware of the valuable and dynamic role the CMA plays in the healthcare of our community. There is truly a wonderful group of leaders who collaborate with the Association, making it enjoyable, functional, and versatile. I implore you to learn more about the great work of the CMA and its affiliated organizations.

I look forward to working with the wonderful physicians of the CMA in continuing the fantastic core leadership. I hope to take this unique time to add to the wonderful feeling we should all have as caregivers, by sharing amongst ourselves in experience and friendship. Hopefully, that will empower us to grow and prosper individually, and as an organization.

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For more than 150 years
, the focus of the Columbus Medical Association (CMA) has been supporting physicians for the greater good of our community. Today our call has never been more clear: our central Ohio community is counting on our physicians to keep fighting for all of us.

Making an impact together counts more than ever for our community.

Quickly changing circumstances and unexpected needs all made healthcare difficult in 2020 and 2021. Nevertheless, physicians and other experts who are active with the CMA and our affiliates came together in new ways and collectively changed lives for the better. 

Making an impact together counts more than ever for physicians.

Central Ohio physicians can’t stop now; so neither we will we.  Over the last 18 months, the CMA and our affiliates found that more physicians wanted to be part of a strong physician community to actively design, lead and deliver impactful programs and to cultivate deeper beneficial connections with each other. This is how we delivered for physicians:
  • Advocacy - It's never been more important to advocate for ourselves and our patients. We not only have a robust advocacy program with years of cultivating relationships with local and state decision-makers, we also have developed a training program to help physicians wanting to get involved. Learn more.
  • Community - The mental and physical strain of providing healthcare throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has even further intensified many physician’s sense of isolation and limited support, leaving them searching for more. The good news is: members at the CMA understood the need and were leading the come together for meaningful connections. The Women-in-Medicine and Culinary Medicine Communities are great examples.
  • Changing the face of medicine - The conversation has never been more important: representation matters in healthcare. Large disparity in our physician population means markedly reduced outcomes for patients who don’t feel represented. That’s exactly why the CMA has asked Dr. Laura Epsy-Bell to lead the effort to help understand the disparity of black physicians and begin to address it. Dr. Bell brought together central Ohio physicians, school administration and local health officials to develop her vision for a pipeline program to introduce black children to careers in medicine. And this fall Dr. Bell’s vision came to life when the Made for Medicine program was launched! Learn more about this amazing program!
These are just a few ways CMA physicians made an impact in 2021! Please join us so that we can keep the momentum going next year!